Merchant Exporter of Plastic Testing Equipment such as Tensile Testing Machine, Pressure Testing Machinery, Temperature Tester Machines, Carbon Contents,  Ash Contents Friction Tester for Plastic in Ahmedabad, India.

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Testing Equipment Machinery for Plastic, Manufacturer, Exporter.
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Manufacturing and Exportering of Plastics Testing Equipments, Plastics Extrusion Machinery and Injection Moulding Machines in Ahmedabad, India.
Deesha Impex, a reliable manufacturer and exporter of india offers engineering precision and quality in performance, and a professional commitment towards buyers anywhere in the world by standing by its products and assuring optimum integrity in the following-

Plastic Testing Equipment
Injection Moulding Machines
Plastic Extrusion Machinery

The Company assures expert inspection of every export consignment so that clients are satisfied that the machinery and equipment meet all the criteria specified by them. Moreover, modification and fulfilling custom requirements are only a few of Deesha’s features that cost a fortune in other countries. Each machine in every category and every configuration is manufactured to fulfill the technical criteria in customer specifications.

Clients of Deesha from as far as Egypt, Malaysia and Southwest Europe have attested to Deesha’s quality in Plastic Extrusion and Blow Moulding Machinery, Injection Moulding Machinery and Testing Equipment.

Timely delivery forms the crux of Deesha’s customer relations. Packaging and export formalities are handled by our experienced logistic department in the Exports Division.

Mr. Khagen Mehta, of Deesha Impex, makes sure that his clients’ nightmares about mediocre machineries remain only a memory. He believes that the dreams of a satisfied clientele must become his own— so that they come alive to reality.

Having expanded his reach over frontiers, Khagen Mehta’s fifteen years’ experience in exporting machineries of technical precision and excellence has made the world smaller, forging strong links and building confidence anew in the minds of sceptics.

By turning challenges into mutual advantage, Deesha continues to provide premium state-of-the-art machineries to enable manufacturers of Plastic Products to meet production schedules with the very highest quality in product performance.

 Mr. Khagen Mehta
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Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastics Testing Equipments, Plastics Extrusion Machinery and Injection Moulding Machines in Ahmedabad, India.
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